InDesign Class – Master Series

InDesign started as an upstart successor to Pagemaker, but in recent years has become a true competitor to QuarkXpress. Companies are switching over and Media Cats is right there with the knowledge and expertise you need.

A.J. Wood is an industry specialist in InDesign and is the active Chapter Representative for the Dallas Chapter of the InDesign Users Group.

This course focuses on the fundamentals of page layout and typography. Students will be introduced to InDesign and learn how to create text, import text, place graphics and manipulate those objects within the context of page design.

The InDesign Course 1 covers the following:

  • InDesign Environment (A.J.’s Keyboard Shortcuts)
  • Setting Preferences & Palettes
  • Creating Documents
  • Master Pages
  • Text Threading
  • Color Theory
  • Type Formatting
  • Working with Styles
  • Graphics & Text Wrap
  • Layers
  • Transparency
  • Tables
  • Preflight & Printing
  • Creating PDFs

The InDesign Course 2 includes:

  • Master Page Review
  • Advanced Styles
  • Inline Graphics vs. Anchored Objects
  • Working with Libraries
  • Working with Path Tools
  • Document Sectioning
  • TOC & Indexing
  • Creating a Book
  • Print Presets
  • XML